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Best practice business travel management today is:
More personalized. More proactive.
More price optimized. More perfect.

What does every business traveler want foremost? Best performance in meetings
with business partners is surely at the top of the list. Therefore, the business trip
needs to be as smooth as possible, without distractions or hassles. Achieve this through
services that match your exceptional performance: The Uniglobe 4P Approach to business travel management. Simple. Advantageous. For you.

4 P’s Make
the Difference

To more advantageous business trips
on your way to success.

Only at Uniglobe:
The 4P Approach defines
your added advantages.

Efficient and worthwhile:
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More personalized for you.
More productive for you.
More price optimized for you.
More perfect for you.

Uniglobe 4P'sUniglobe’s 4P
Approach adds
more advantages
to your business
travel management

More personalized for you.

Top advantages from the start: Reach your travel consultant by telephone within 10 seconds. Email inquiries are processed promptly. You will sense and relish your Uniglobe team’s efforts in championing your best interests. We consider PERSONALIZED SERVICE for you in all capital letters. The Uniglobe team thrives on achieving your highest satisfaction.

The most optimized travel routing, air-hotel-mobility fare classes, efficiency, comfort, time savings and devotion for your internal travel department as well as for your travelers. Always accessible for you, before, during and after your trip. 24/7 round-the-clock.

In short: More personal for you. And thus, highly advantageous for you.

More proactive for you.

Discover the Uniglobe advantage of organizing and booking business travel for you.
Always proactive, for your interest, benefit, time- and cost-savings. At increased quality.
Facilitating your best performance on your business trip. Global networking. Global bookings.
Actively achieving your most optimized travel routing with cutting-edge technologies and
personalized services. Through competence, engagement, experience, speed, and power solutions.

In short: More proactive for you. And thus, highly advantageous for you.

More price optimized for you.

Save costs and maximize quality at the same time. How is this possible? By lowering costs
through the Uniglobe global network, e.g., by booking reduced air fares from your destination
country or by accessing NDC-fares directly from most relevant airlines. Quality stays.
Prices drop. Uniglobe can also achieve additional benefits on free baggage allowance as well
as car-rental and hotel terms. Experience new cost-efficiency and thereby profitability through
your business travel. You will not only save costs, but time and hassles too. This is the state of
modern business travel: Cost-efficient, flexible and transparent. Ultimately, all aspects of
business travel should be a worthwhile investment for you.

In short: More price optimized for you. And thus, highly advantageous for you.

More perfect for you.

Yes, Uniglobe is a perfect match for your agenda because the partnership with you and with
your in-house travel office makes your business travel management more perfect. To achieve
this for you, Uniglobe teams are highly devoted: By their love for detail. By staying up to date
with the newest travel technologies and features. By being absolutely tried-and-truly reliable
for you. By continually striving to provide a more perfect solution for you, even when your trip
requires spontaneity and flexibility. By optimizing your pricing, itinerary and smooth booking
arrangements. By utilizing an innovative online booking tool that is setting new industry
benchmarks. By taking care of a perfect business trip, so you can more perfectly reach your goals.
The sum of the Uniglobe 4P Approach ensures your most perfect business travel. Perform better.

In short: More perfect for you. And thus, highly advantageous for you.

Perform better

How you benefit:

Simplifying complexity for you
Proactivity replaces passivity for you
Investments become more profitable for you
Transparency supersedes vagueness for you
Handling information overload smartly for you
Easy access instead of long hold-lines for you
Personal touch dispels anonymity for you
Relaxation dissolves tension for you
Excitement overshadows obligation for you
Opportunities become successes for you

Global services
With your global jobs
With your global meetings

Landing well
begins with
having landed

Let’s talk

We are happy
to help your company leverage
more business travel advantages

The achieved benefits
will speak for themselves

Only a small step for you.
With big advantages.
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