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to your advantage.

Business Travel needs to be managed with a focus not only on your trip,
but also on your company’s success. After all, you travel to facilitate your
company’s success. Accordingly, your business trip should be easy and
perfect. Make your travel easier and more advantageous.
With Uniglobe’s 4P Approach.

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Uniglobe 4P'sUniglobe’s 4P
Approach adds
more advantages
to your business
travel management

Save costs, time and stress
with Uniglobe’s 4P Approach.

Uniglobe’s 4P Approach unlocks the door to decisive advantages
for your business dealings worldwide. Contact us now.

Uniglobe 4P's

More personalized. More productive. More price optimized.
More perfect.


360° Full Service, setting standards in all areas.
For your perfect business trip.

700 agencies in 60 countries. Uniglobe is your leading expert for global business travel. Benefit from 40 plus years of expertise. Take local advantage of Uniglobe’s global travel experience.

Designated travel consultants for you. Our dedicated team of expert business travel consultants will research the best connections, fares and find the most innovative and beneficial alternatives for you. You can alternately book by yourself using the Uniglobe App or online booking tool. You will be assisted by state-of-the-art technologies, live chats or telephone support.

Reliable global crisis and security management tools enable you to locate your travelers anytime and provide them up-to-date information about their destination.

Your Business Travel Management with Uniglobe:
Reliable, efficient, advantageous for you. Contact us now.

Full Service


Trip Planning

Trip Approval

Travel Bookings

Travel Documents


Travel Expense Management

Security Management

Travel Implementation



Your access to the best fares. Expert assistance in establishing or improving your business travel policy.
We negotiate with airlines, hotels, and car rental suppliers on your behalf.

Travel Planning

Finding your best routing alternatives by our travel experts and online tools.

Travel Approval

Integrated travel approval with the Uniglobe App or online booking tool.


Perfectly designed trips with your designated travel consultant

Travel Documents

All components of your trip in a well-organized itinerary.


All conventional payment methods as well as vouchers for hotel and rental cars.

Travel Implementation

More safety through a reliable crisis and security management as well as a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Security Management

Receive pre-trip and in-trip travel alerts as well as medical-service-assistance during disasters or other emergencies.

Travel Expense Management

Well-organized digital travel expense reports. Saves paper, time, and hassles.


Focused consolidated travel reports and meeting reviews, retrievable online or presented personally.

Global player


Uniglobe Agencies globally:
Perfectly networked to your advantage.


Countries with Uniglobe offices:
e.g., to facilitate local bookings.


BN USD global sales volume:
A strong partner with strong advantages.


Team members globally: Concentrated international know-how.

Best testmonials
are best credentials


Enthusiastic clients continually motivate the Uniglobe team to top performance. Let’s talk.



Why is business travel with
Uniglobe more sustainable?

While videoconferencing can replace some travel, certain business trips are indispensable for various reasons. The sustainability challenge will continue to impose change.

The Uniglobe team appreciates and assists you in your efforts to align your business travel sustainably. Much business travel will continue to be essential to developing new markets, building new business relationships and trust as well as assembling, installing, or servicing machinery, tools and equipment. Furthermore, many meetings require a personal presence for effective communication and negotiation. Yet not all travel is essential. In addition, the means of transportation can be selected prudently.

Uniglobe supports you in your sustainable travel efforts.

  • Documented Travel Carbon Footprint calculations showing each trip’s carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
  • Careful and economic trip design, e.g., with efficient multi-stop trips rather than several single trips
  • Integrating sustainability in your travel policy
  • Considering rail as an alternative for short trips
  • All documents and infos via the Uniglobe App, saving paper
  • Recommending sustainable hotels
  • Eco-friendly car rentals

Contact us to help you advance the sustainability of your business travel management.

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