Crisis Management / Travel Alert Program

Our offer:

  • Travel Risk Information
  • Traveler Tracking
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Worldwide Assistance
  • Local medical support

Diseases, accidents, political unrests, violent crimes or even natural disasters – a lot can happen to your employees on a business trip. Attacks by ISIS, HAMAS, FARC, TALIBAN, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram – naming only a few of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world – have led to the rise of safety risks for business trips.

The state of not knowing what will happen tomorrow – whether in Berlin, Paris, London or other places on our planet – has resulted in serious concerns of our clients about the safety risks of their business trips. We are focusing our attention not just on country risk assessment prior and during the business trip but also on assistance and emergency aid on site.

As of now, UNIGLOBE offers their clients the CAP™ program of FocusPoint International as an additional service in the event of terrorism, natural disaster, abduction etc. including medical emergency aid on site to fulfill the employer’s obligation to supply benefits and medical welfare during business trips.
You will find our detailed brochure here.

Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP™ / CAP™ Medical) is a crisis assistance program, which offers their clients either a membership for the duration of their business trips or an annual membership based on a yearly contract to use the worldwide and comprehensive service before, during and after their business trips.

As a CAP™ member, you have on-demand access to the dedicated 24/7 Crisis Response Center (CRC); where you can receive advice, and if necessary, coordinated in-country response services for all of your travel requirements as defined in and subject to the CAP Membership Rules and Regulations (see Welcome Letter). provides business travelers with the necessary tools and information to stay vigilant, informed, and prepared. The CAP™ Traveler Tracking (add-on module) provides the verifiable location of travelers worldwide with advanced GPS technology

The risk protection is available for single business trips directly from FocusPoint International via the following button

order protection

However, enterprises can also cover their planned annual business trips by stating the number of travelers, the destinations and the average duration of travel using the CAP program. Please ask for a free quote from your UNIGLOBE office.

All travelers receive a welcome letter from Travel Point with all the necessary information (such as membership number, hotline phone number, procedure prior to business trip, instructions) for each CAP booking.

One further note: the CAP program is not an accident insurance or a foreign health insurance. The focus is on active assistance during crisis and catastrophes including medical aid, comparable with a safe conduct.

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